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Michelle D.

Reviewed on October 6, 2017

We hosted a multi-week corporate training program at The Living Room, and the facility was flawless! Jacobi (and team) were easy to work with, flexible to change(s) and the unique space was a refreshing change from a more traditional training / work space!

Don’t hesitate to book for your corporate events!

Tiffany T

Reviewed on September 17, 2017

The Living Room was everything we wanted in a venue. I knew the minute I walked in that was where we would get married. Jacobi was so great to work with! She was available anytime I had a question, floor plan change, or needed to visit the venue. There were no surprises, and our wedding day was perfect!

Brandi R.

Reviewed on September 10, 2017

We could not be happier with choosing The Living Room for our wedding venue! The space is both beautiful and unique, and was perfect for our industrial/modern ceremony and reception!! The uniqueness of the venue is definitely carried throughout the entire Mastercraft building it’s located in as well!
Most importantly, we were blown away by the Event Manager, Jacobi, from day one! She was professional, friendly, organized, prompt on her responses, and keeps the venue well maintained. (This was something that we did not see in all the other venues we visited before making our decision.) Quite honestly, it was Jacobi that ended up being our deciding factor to book The Living Room! We were so impressed with the way she presents herself and how she represents the venue. In the end, she ended up making the entire experience stress free and easy for us!


Reviewed on September 9, 2017

We absolutely loved having our wedding at the Living Room, the staff were very friendly and helpful throughout the whole process. I was even able to get in the day before to decorate which was a HUGE stress reliever for me! The exposed brick went great with my decorations for our wedding, we got many compliments on our choice for a venue! Thank you to the Living Room staff for helping make our day even more special!!

Jennifer R.

Reviewed on July 7, 2017

The Living Room was exactly what we had been looking for in a venue. Affordable, AND we were able to use the vendors of our choice! We had an open bar so all we needed was a security guard which they provided and that was one less thing to have to book. We had many compliments on how amazing a venue it was because of the look. I would recommend them to anyone.

Christina H

Reviewed on June 10, 2017

We really loved our reception at the LIVING Room! It is a great building with a lot of character, got some fantastic pictures as you’re allowed to go around the whole building. Inside and outside shots were amazing! They have a great sound system available as we didn’t hire a professional DJ. I just made playlists on Spotify (premium membership for a few months is WAY cheaper!) and paid a teen to run music and paid a friend to MC. Overall everyone raved about what a cool venue it was and so unique. We loved it! Highly recommend the living room!

Mariah C

Reviewed on June 7, 2017

The Living Room was the only venue I looked at because I absolutely fell in love with it! I loved the industrial vibe, the metal beams, and wood. Everyone complimented us on how gorgeous our ceremony and reception were. I mainly picked this venue because you can choose your own vendors and my parent’s own a catering/ food truck business so this was a perfect fit for us. I loved the parking and the location to downtown was nice for our guests. Working with the Living Room for a year plus I did end up working with three different managers, which was frustrating at times. Jacobi was the latest manager and she was always available and willing to answer any of my questions and she was very, very prompt in answering everything! Overall it was a GREAT experience and I would recommend The Living Room to any DIY, modern bride!!

Angela E

Reviewed on May 17, 2017

This was an elegant venue with rustic charm. It was the perfect spot for our love of downtown Omaha with a lot of beautiful space for your guests and no worry about parking. Downtown can get busy Friday and Saturday but you have private parking in a gated area. There’s also plenty of opportunity for beautiful pictures around downtown and in the beautiful spaces with antique furniture at the Living Room itself. The venue planner was on top of everything and knew how to help keep us comfortable and help our night go smooth. She even created a space just for me and my girls to get ready in. They were very professional, very kind and personable, no extra fees, honest, and willing to answer any and all questions. Our wedding was better than I imagined it could be. People even told me “it was just like a movie” “unique and beautiful”.

Lindsey L

Reviewed on April 21, 2017

The Living Room, in downtown Omaha, did such a flawless job of hosting both our wedding ceremony and reception on March 4th, 2017. Jacobi was a pleasure to work with throughout the details and configuring process and was never against sticking around late to make sure I could check everything off my list. We were able to setup our reception the day before, as I did not hire a wedding planner, and that was one of the biggest breaths of relief for me, because I wanted to be such a big part of that process and the venues overall look. As little requests would come to mind last minute, there was never hesitation on Jacobi’s part and I can’t say enough good words about her for all of that. Hiring in our own dinner food, bar, live band and desserts was the absolute most attractive draw about The Living Room and I’m so glad we chose that route. Thank you again to The Living Room for helping make our big day a reality and a memory we’ll forever cherish!

Jamie O

Reviewed on February 20, 2017

We loved The Living Room from the moment we saw it and couldn’t be more pleased with how our wedding ceremony and reception played out. The Higgins room went from our ceremony, to the dinner serving area, to the dance floor with the extra space being a game room. The transitions went smoothly and quickly during cocktail hour and again after dinner was served that none of our guests knew what was going on! Jacobi was awesome at keeping all vendors on the same page as to what was happening and when. She was phenomenal to work with from the day we met. No matter how many emails I sent (many of which I’m sure I asked the same questions over and over) she always replied quickly and answered all questions thoroughly. At first, I was worried about the rooms being divided but it worked out perfectly. I expressed my concern and Jacobi worked out the perfect lay out for every guest to be able to watch the first dance and things. I also felt that many older family members hung out longer as they could escape the loud music easily. The Living Room was an excellent choice for us and we loved the vibe it set for our night!

Biz F

Reviewed on February 14, 2017

What a beautiful space to have your wedding! The staff was exceptionally helpful leading up to the wedding and on the day of. This is a great venue if you want the flexibility to choose your own vendors and to design the space to be as you please. We had a brunch wedding, but ended up lowering the blinds which, with the bistro lights, made the space SO cozy! It’s close to downtown and tons of hotels, has plenty of parking, and offers a number of options to make the room(s) special for your event.


Reviewed on January 13, 2017

This was the perfect venue for us. It was beautiful and Jacobi, manager, was amazing to work with during the entire process. It was an amazing space with tons of perfect places for pictures. Could not have picked a better venue.

Abby B

Reviewed on December 30, 2016

The LR was a wonderful venue for our ceremony and reception! It’s unique, interesting, and easy to make “your own”. We had around 200 guests for our wedding, and although I was initially concerned about space, it wasn’t an issue at all. Jacobi (the venue manager) was wonderful throughout the process. A different manager was in place when we initially signed with the LR, and Jacobi worked with us to ensure that there were no difficulties in the transition to working with her as a manager. We had both our ceremony and reception at the Mastercraft (ceremony/dance in Higgins and dinner in LR), and it was fantastic to have both spaces adjacent to one another (very convenient for our guests too!) We placed our head table in the center of the LR for dinner, and it worked out beautifully. Also, we had a 6-person live band for the reception, and there was plenty of room for dancing, as well as tables/chairs lining the room for folks to sit. I would highly recommend it!

Madonna R

Reviewed on December 5, 2016

The venue is beautiful, Jacobi is wonderful to work with. They deserve all 5 stars.

Laura R

Reviewed on November 1, 2016

Having our wedding here truly made the evening magical. When we started wedding planning we knew we wanted simple and rustic to be our motto. The Living Room was the first venue we looked at and after 5 mins I knew it was the place I would get married. The brick and exposed beams were so beautiful that we didn’t need to add much decor of our own. Jacobi was amazing with answering all of our questions and reassuring us before the big day. I would highly recommend this venue to anyone!

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